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Black spot disease (BSD), Chitinolytic bacterial disease, Shell disease, Brown spot disease, Burned spot disease, Rust disease.

Scientific name or taxonomic affiliation

Chitinolytic bacteria (Gram negative rods) including Vibrio spp. (=Benekea spp.), Pseudomonas spp., Aeromonas spp., Spirillum, spp. and Flavobacterium spp.

Geographic distribution

Ubiquitous, especially evident on shrimp held in long term captivity/culture.

Host species

Numerous species of wild and cultured marine and freshwater shrimps, also lobsters, and many species of crabs and crayfish.

Impact on the host

The exoskeleton becomes pitted, eroded, and melanized at the site of infection.

Diagnostic techniques

Gross Observations: Erosion of chitin demarked by dark brown to black pigmentation demonstrates chitinolysis.

Histology: Progressive necrosis, inflammation and subsequent melanization of the body surface and appendages.

Culture: Culture lesion on marine agar. Test isolated bacteria for chitinolytic activity in saline solution with thin chitin strips.

Methods of Control

No known treatment. Shell disease can be managed in captive and cultured populations by reducing crowding, wound avoidance, proper husbandry, and system hygiene.




Variables to be used in health evaluation

Health evaluation tests
Wet Mount Procedure . PL visual examination . Stress test for post larva . Gill examination . Mid-gut Examination . Stomach Contents Analysis

Shrimp Diseases
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Haplosporidia . Gregarines . Cotton Disease
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Disease control
Decreasing density, partial or early harvests . Drugs, chemicals and treatments . Sanitation