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Rhabdovirus disease of American penaeids, RPS.

Scientific name or taxonomic affiliation
A rhabdovirus that is cytoplasmic and contains ssRNA.

Geographic distribution
Hawaii and Equador. A virus wuth similarities to RPS and YHD but called Lymphoid organ virus (LOV) was reported from Penaeus monodon in Australia (Spann et al. 1995)

Host species
Penaeus vannamei and Penaeus stylirostris.

Impact on the host
RPS did not cause disease in shrimp following massive challenge and it caused no distinctive histopathology (other than changes to the lymphoid organ). RPS may not replicate in shrimp and may use them as a carrier host as it is very similar to certain fish rhabdoviruses in morphology and it replicated in a fish cell line.

Diagnostic techniques
Histology: The lymphoid organs of shrimp challenged with RPS had marked hypertrophy with numerous large hypertrophied nodules that were similar in structure to the "spheroids" in the lymphoid organ of shrimp infected with YHV, LPV, TSV and LOVV.

Electron Microscopy: RPV virons were observed in the cytoplasm of lymphoid organ cells of challenged shrimp that showed histopathology in this organ. This rhabdovirus is bullet-shaped and measures 45 160 nm.

Culture: The virus demonstrates cytopahtic effect in EPC (epithelioma papulosum cyprini), a fin fish cell line from carp.

Methods of Control

No known method of prevention or control.




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Wet Mount Procedure . PL visual examination . Stress test for post larva . Gill examination . Mid-gut Examination . Stomach Contents Analysis

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