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Weekly Check List

Monthly Monitoring

Feed Requirements

Essential Nutrients

Additional Nutritional Factors

Feeding Regime

Water Quality Requirements

Water Quality Action and Reaction

Water Quality Management and Biofilter Maintenance

Post larval fitness parameters

Post Larva Acclimitation

Health Management and Disease Control

Risk Management, Bio-security and HACCP Implementation


System Disinfection Procedures

Equipment Maintenance

Record Keeping and Report Templates


Daily Check List Quick Guide Foundational SOP's. The simple stuff!

For vannamei in RAS

Shrimp Daily Evaluation Report (Form 1)

Daily Water Quality Report (Form 2) and continuous monitoring system.

Daily Feed Control Report (Form 3)

Biofilter Report

Daily Equipment Report (Form 9)

Sanitation Report (Form 7)

Log of NOUCA - technical history CCPs - alarms - corrective action.

Reports Template Page - Dashboard, KPI's. Analytics

Shrimp: Check those shrimp !

Water: Have the daily water quality parameters been taken?

Feed: Was the feeding overnight correct?

Biofilters: Have you checked the bio-filters?

Is the planning correct for the rest of the day and for the tomorrow?

Equipment: Any unusual occurences apart from the daily monitoring?