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Foundational Model work on digital twin shrimp RAS for deep learning (DL).

ShrimpLab - aspirational advanced R&D

INDEX below - Shrimp Production Management and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The information following on and accesible via this index page is held in a "live" state. This project was first started in Germany in the year 2000 and is being updated to reflect current. It was initially coded in HTML by Prawnmaster - hosted blog - LI profile and email . Thanks to Werner G for keeping the copy.

Daily Check List Quick Guide

Weekly Check List Quick Guide Monthly Monitoring

Feed Requirements Essential Nutrient Requirements Additional Nutritional Factors Nutrition and Feeding Regime

Water Quality Requirements Water Quality Action and Reaction Water Quality Management and Biofilter Maintenance

Post larval fitness parameters Post Larva Acclimitation to System

Health Management and Disease Control Risk Management, Bio-security and HACCP Implementation

Harvesting System Disinfection Procedures Equipment Maintenance

Record Keeping and Report Templates

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